LAPO Empowers 7,640 Microfinance Clients with Health, Social Development Skills

Lift Above Poverty Organisation (LAPO) trained 7,640 clients of LAPO Microfinance Bank to resist and confront social discrimination and gender injustice inhibiting their progress and enjoyment of good life.

According to the Social Development Manager, Mrs Philomena Elijah, the intervention was carried out in Edo, Abuja, Ibadan and Lagos state between April and May 2019 under the Microfinance, Social and Health Programme Integration Project.

The organisation enlightened the clients with information on maternal and child health, safe water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) as well as screened them for malaria, blood sugar, blood pressure, cancer, hepatitis and HIV.

They were equally educated and exposed to the consequences of archaic widowhood practices, male preference, teenage pregnancy, domestic violence, rape, divorce/separation, child defilement, low self-esteem, discrimination and rights deprivation amongst others.

For more than two decades, LAPO has been at the forefront in bringing gender issues to wider attention, promoting legal and policy reforms and supporting projects that empower women economically.