LAPO Screens 17.9m Women, Others for Cancer Ailments

As a part of the efforts to improve the health conditions of rural dwellers, LAPO screened 17,896,311 persons for cancer ailments between January and July, 2017.

The exercise, which consists of awareness creation, screening, and referral services, is designed to assist community members detect cancer early and respond to the challenges through prompt preventive treatment.

The organization is currently implementing a 2-yearCommunity Campaign for Cancer Control (LAPO-C4) project in Lagos, Imo, Abuja, Rivers, and Edo State aimed at reducing cancer-related deaths in Nigeria with focus on prevention and early detection.

The Executive Director of LAPO, Sabina Idowu-Osehobo who said the project is aimed at mitigating the health and socio-economic implications of cancer, advised women to ascertain their health status regularly as breast and cervical cancer a poses serious threat to their lives.