Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS

LAPO promotes reproductive health (RH) and HIV/AIDS intervention amongst vulnerable groups in view of the fact that they exacerbate and perpetuate the cycle of inter-generational poverty. Poverty also aggravates poor reproductive health, increases risky sexual behaviour which further fuels the spread of HIV infection and other Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) in the country.


Universal Access to Female Condom (UAFC) Promotion

Access to female condoms makes women have greater control over their sexual and reproductive health. LAPO promotes community demand for and access to Elegance® Female Condom under the UAFC project towards encouraging family planning and reduction in HIV and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in target communities. The UAFC project commenced in 2009 in partnership with SFH and Oxfam Novib, Netherlands.

World AIDS Day

LAPO marks World AIDS Day yearly on December 1st with community sensitization and provision of free HIV Counselling and Testing (HCT) services. Activities include rallies, seminars, HIV screening and distribution of enlightenment materials. This has contributed to a significant reduction in the incidence of new HIV infections and prevention of full blown AIDS among those who are infected but unaware of their status.

Workplace Policy on HIV/AIDS

LAPO has adopted a workplace policy on HIV/AIDS, aimed at preventing HIV/AIDS-related stigma and discrimination in the workplace. The policy ensures a uniform and fair prevention approach for all staff, including ensuring access to care for those living with or affected by the disease in the organization. It agrees with the ILO principles and the national workplace policy of the Federal Ministry of Labour.

Economic Empowerment Programme

LAPO mitigates the economic impact of HIV/AIDS on People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHIV) through access to microcredit for income generating business undertakings. A good number of them are now economically empowered as a result of the intervention.