Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

Poor access to water and sanitation facilities, and unsafe hygienic practices are the main causes of diarrhoea, one of the world’s major child killers. WASH is regarded as a central component of health and socio-economic development as progress in this area is closely related to child mortality, primary education, and poverty eradication. LAPO believes that safe drinking water and adequate sanitation is crucial for poverty reduction, sustainable development and achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.


World Water Day

LAPO celebrates World Water Day yearly on March 22 with public awareness creation on the importance of personal hygiene, environmental cleanliness and drinking of safe water. Seminars, ralies and public enlightenment campaigns are popular features of World Water Day in LAPO.

Global Handwashing Day

LAPO places emphasis on health improvement through hand washing with soap especially after using the toilet, before eating, after cleaning and before feeding the baby. Children are particularly targeted because they remain a potential agent of behavioural change among friends and members of their families.

World Toilet Day

On World Toilet Day, LAPO focuses enlightenment campaign on the health implication of open defecation. Participants are mobilized to promote safe defecation in their communities.