I Now Keep Environment Clean

Kogi State
Year Joined LAPO: 

Just like many other households in Girinyan community in Kogi State, Mrs. Grace Samuel, a client of LAPO Microfinance Bank, lacked basic health information and was therefore vulnerable to avoidable diseases. She was ignorant about the nature, spread and control of HIV/AIDS, malaria, typhoid and other tropical diseases.

Today, the social and health status of her family has taken a positive turn due to constant exposure to the health and gender empowerment programmes of LAPO NGO. She has started applying knowledge gained from these workshops by maintaining and cleaning her home and environment, ensuring proper refuse disposal and providing nutritious diets for her family.

She says: “Since 2010 when I started attending LAPO NGO’s programmes, my health and social status has changed. I now live in a clean environment because I was taught that it is through dirty environment that sicknesses and diseases like malaria and diarrhea attack the family. The organization has built my self-esteem and has educated me about things I was hitherto ignorant of”.