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709 Women Receives Human Rights Sensitization

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training_womenLAPO promotes all-round progress for women and gives voice to the voiceless and the poor in society. Since 1987, the organization has been defending the rights of abused and violated women in Nigeria through pro bono service.

Between January and March 2019, the organization sensitized and counselled 709 community members on legal and human rights issues and defended the rights of 18 women who were abused and violated.

Head, Legal Aid Unit, Barr. Vera Asenoguan denounced the humiliating and barbaric treatment women are often subjected to especially at the demise of their spouses.

She lamented that most of the rights as enshrined in the constitution such as the rights on the dignity of the human person, freedom from discrimination, right to life, right to a fair hearing and freedom to own and inherit property are still being violated with impunity in Nigeria.

Barr. Asenoguan emphasized that it was offensive and unconstitutional to subject women to any form of abuse under the guise of religious or customary practices, adding that those perpetrating violence against their spouses now risks jail terms in Edo State.

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