About LAPO


Lift Above Poverty Organization (LAPO) is a non-governmental and not for profit organisation committed to the social, health and economic empowerment of the poor and vulnerable in Nigeria. LAPO was founded by Dr. Godwin Eseiwi Ehigiamusoe in 1987 while working as a Rural Cooperative Officer in Ogwashi-Uku, Delta State. Over the years, the organisation has demonstrated uncommon commitment to poverty alleviation through the implementation of innovative financial and non-financial programmes targeting disadvantaged groups. LAPO programmes include the provision of flexible financial services, gender sensitization aimed at reducing the level of gender inequity, social exclusion and health intervention. Our areas of programming are malaria and tropical diseases, cancer, HIV/AIDS, water, sanitation and hygiene.

Our Vision

The leading institution, enabling prosperity, excellent health and social justice in Africa

Our Mission

To use innovative approaches, to provide financial, health and social services to stakeholders in a sustainable manner.

Our Corporate Objectives

  • Promote access to basic and quality health care services
  • Promote the culture of regular medical check-up for early detection of health condition
  • Identify and redress gender discrimination among target beneficiaries
  • Improve the socio-economic conditions of targets especially women
  • Research into social issues militating against sustainable development of the target population
  • Create access for target population to relevant products at affordable rates

Our Values

  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Innovation
  • Team work

Embracing Opportunities in Nigeria

Nigeria is one of the world’s richly blessed and endowed Nation with abundant agricultural land, a vast array of oil and mineral deposits, and an entrepreneurial, energetic and enterprising population. It has a vibrant and youthful population with a growing body of capable civil society organisations. However, millions of Nigerians live under $1.25 daily, according to the United Nations. They lack access to basic health care and good education with women and children vulnerable to diseases and violence. Besides, the growing female population have inadequate access to financial services.

Now is the moment to redefine the Nigeria of the 21st century, leveraging the nation’s extraordinary human and natural resources for the common good and building a vibrant and healthy society. LAPO will wholeheartedly support visionary leaders and civil society organizations who are promoting this change initiative.

A History of Accomplishment

LAPO believes that poverty is not just an issue of lack of funds but more fundamentally a function of exclusion from life transforming opportunities like education and skills. Since 1987, LAPO has been working assiduously with government and critical stakeholders to change social structures, legislations, policies and practices in favour of women and disadvantaged groups. Our programmes address the root causes and manifestations of poverty such as poor health, economic powerlessness, discrimination, ignorance, poor nutrition, social exclusion and gender inequity. We also assist in the development of micro and small businesses through training on financial management. Over the years, we have empowered more than one million individuals in target communities with our services and we hope to do more in years to come.

Key Programmes


One of the operating assumptions of Lift Above Poverty Organization (LAPO) is that poverty, beyond the lack of funds, is reinforced by problems such as too large family size, malnutrition and diseases. In Nigeria, these are responsible for the high rate of maternal and under-five mortality. Another key issue linked with poor health indicators in the country is poverty. In Nigeria, the incidence of poverty is widespread with the rural population most affected. Due to the high level of poverty, many Nigerians cannot afford quality health care. The nutritional status of the vulnerable groups, notably children and pregnant women in Nigeria is also poor. Malnutrition in children increases the likelihood of mortality from several health complications and poor growth. Stunting has been linked to low productivity later in life.

Health intervention has therefore always been one of our poverty alleviation strategies. LAPO health programmes include maternal and child health (MCH); community campaign for cancer control and; emergency response to outbreak of diseases of international concern such as Lassa fever, Ebola and Corona Viral Diseases. The health activities of the organisation focus on maternal (reproductive and antenatal) care, child nutrition and disease outbreaks. The child nutrition programme addresses stunting in children due to malnutrition that has been linked by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to low productivity and poor income in adulthood.

LAPO health programmes also address increasing cases of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) such as cancer among the general populace. Through the LAPO Community Campaign for Cancer Control (LAPO-C4) project, the organisation is promoting awareness on cancer in target communities, providing basic cancer screening services and linking beneficiaries to cancer screening and treatment facilities for a continuum of care. Other interventions include alacrity response to public health emergencies such as Lassa fever, Ebola and Corona Viral diseases through mass media awareness campaign, handbills and mobile phone text messages and community health outreaches. The organisation equally promotes access to health-promoting commodities using sustainable social marketing approach.

Key Health Projects: 

  • LAPO Community Campaign for Cancer Control (LAPO-C4)
  • Maternal and Child Health (MCH)
  • Response to Public Health Emergencies

Project Activities

  • Community mobilisation and advocacy engagements
  • Health education
  • Medical mission to villages (Community Health Outreaches)
  • Upgrading of rural Primary Health Centre (PHC) for improved service delivery
  • Health Screening Services:
  • Blood Pressure Test
  • Blood Sugar Test
  • Malaria Test
  • HIV Testing Services (HTS)
  • Hepatitis Test
  • Cervical cancer screening using Visual Inspection with Acetic Acid (VIA) method
  • Clinical Breast Examination (CBE) method
  • Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) Test
  • Community-facility referral linkages and treatment follow-up at facilities
  • Partnership with development stakeholders such as CBOs and government agencies

LAPO Rural Development Initiative (LARDI)

LAPO improves the quality of life of rural dwellers through committed support for livelihood activities intended to energize the rural economy and provision of infrastructural development. The organization empowers rural farmers through capacity building, provision of extension services, affordable credit and savings products to enable them develop and expand their farm enterprises.    


  • Agricultural Enterprise Trainings/Capacity building
  • Rural Infrastructural development
  • Microcredit Support
  • Agricultural Extension Services
  • Resource Mobilization and Social marketing

Social Change Advocacy

LAPO initiates, advocates and influences policies, laws and legislations to bring about positive changes in the lives of women and the marginalized in the society. We set development agenda and use the power of the media to give voice to the voiceless and the poor. At local and national levels, LAPO has created platforms where policy makers, members of the civil society, community and opinion leaders address social issues including poverty, health, education and social development.


  • Policy Advocacy and Networking
  • Bridging-The-Gap (BTG) TV Programme
  • You & LAPO Radio Programme
  • LAPO Annual Development Forum
  • Development & Corporate Communications
  • Corporate Event Management
  • Public Relations/ Publicity

Corporate Planning and Performance Management (CPPM) Department

The Corporate Planning and Performance Management (CPPM) department of LAPO is responsible for the development of the organisation’s corporate strategic/business plans, monitor implementation as well as manage performance. CPPM also works to ensure data-driven decision making at all levels of the organisation through effective collection and management of high-quality data.

Performance management plays an important role in enhancing an organization’s value. The CPPM department manages systems and employee performance, aligning their objectives to facilitate the effective delivery of strategic and operational goals, providing timely feedback and coaching for continuous improvement in performance. It ensures that the organization sets proper plans and objectives that easily assist the company to measure its success and ensure that the organization’s goals are met in an effective and efficient manner.


Our aim is to support strategic decision-making and operational management processes by defining actions that are in line with company strategy while ensuring that performance is effectively managed.


Specifically, the department is saddled with the following responsibilities:

  1. Strategic/Operational Planning: Our strategic planning approach aims to sustain and increase company value while taking into consideration the overall growth rate of the sector. Within the context of strategic planning, all the internal and external factors affecting company operational performance, growth and sustainability (competition, trends, technology, regulations, demographic change, company location, distribution or corporate assets, company pricing policy, etc.) are evaluated and vision, targets, main initiatives, and corporate level performance indicators are defined. CPPM will work with other departments to develop plans to meet the objectives of the organisation
  2. Performance Assessment and Management for individuals, department and organization. CPPM would plan, coordinate and facilitate Performance review retreats and meetings
  3. Monitoring and Evaluation of the level of achievement recorded by the organisation in projects, strategic goals and objectives. In this regard, CPPM would develop effective performance monitoring system.
  4. Preparation, analysis and report of corporate performance (For Internal and external audience).
  5. Support organizational sustainability by sourcing and developing fundable proposals
  6. Development of KPIs and balanced scorecards: Parallel to growth, organization and business processes become more complex; and coordination among business units and monitoring goals gain priority. At each level of the organization, performance management helps keep the focus on the crucial targets composing a company’s strategy. For this reason, it is vital to define KPIs and balanced scorecards at corporate, business unit, and individual levels in line with strategic targets.
  7. Data/database Management using appropriate approved software.

Special Projects

Mentoring of NGOs/CBOs

The mentoring programme of LAPO was instituted in 2006 to support and build the capacity of young non-governmental/community-based organisations towards achieving their organizational vision. Activities under the programme include training, seminars, workshop, equipment support and internship.

LAPO Quiz Competition

LAPO recognizes education as a potent weapon against poverty. The organization places high value on children education and has since 2006 been sponsoring the LAPO annual quiz competition for secondary schools in collaboration with the ministry of education.

Key Accomplishments (January – December, 2019)

  • Health and Social programme beneficiaries: 274,929
  • Persons enlightened through IEC materials and SMS976,368

Total: 1,251,297

LAPO–C4 Project Performance (2016 – 2019)

  • Sensitization: 71,941,089
  • Screening: 28,966

Programme Locations: Edo, Lagos (Isashi & Surulere) & Abuja.


Over the years we have worked with likeminded organisations to help achieve our set objectives. Our partners include:

  • LAPO Microfinance Bank Limited
  • Action Aid International Nigeria
  • World Bank
  • Edo State Action Committee on HIV/AIDS (EDO SACA)
  • Evangelischen Entwicklungsdienst (EED), Germany
  • European Union/MPP6
  • ARFH
  • Oxfam Novib Netherlands
  • Cordaid, Netherlands
  • Society for Family Health (SFH)
  • Foundation for Partnership Initiatives in Niger Delta (PIND)
  • Erbacher Foundation, Germany
  • Development and Peace, Canada

Head Office 

LAPO Place

18, Dawson Road

P.M.B 1729, Benin City,

Edo State, Nigeria

Tel: 234-7098802054,

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.lapo-ngo.org

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