Keynote Speaker, Bishop (Prof) Vincent Iyawe (l), Chairman, Hon Justice Samson Uwaifo (Rtd), CON, with Dr Honestus Ayo Obadiora, LAPO Executive Director (r) at the 2020 LAPO Annual Dev Forum in Benin City

LAPO Annual Development Forum

The LAPO Annual Development Forum is a vital component of the organization’s strategy for stimulating investigation into the nature and causes of poverty. The forum provides an opportunity for individuals, development partners, scholars, professional institutions, LAPO clients, religious and traditional bodies and other stakeholders in development and poverty alleviation to design a realistic roadmap to fast track societal development. Papers on selected topics are usually presented and discussed and ideas exchanged. Ideas generated from previous editions of the Forum have strengthened LAPO programme focus and delivery strategies.

The LAPO Annual Development Forum is held annually as an activity to mark the October 17 International Day for the elimination of poverty and destitution. Over the years, the forum has gained a reputation as a neutral platform for the debate and analysis of development policy-related issues. It brings together local, national and international development experts, public office holders, political authorities, scholars, professional institutions, religious and traditional leaders, women and youth organizations, and minority groups to discuss development issues affecting the African continent and Nigeria in particular. Highlights and reports are published and widely circulated.

Initiated in 1994, the LAPO Development Forum has become a melting pot of ideas and rallying point for discussions with viable solutions proffered to identified issues in poverty and development in Nigeria.


The Nigerian health indices rank among the worst in the world with an alarming number of maternal, new-born and child deaths occurring at the Primary Health Centres daily. The various reforms put forward by the Nigerian government to address the wide-ranging issues in the health care system are yet to be implemented at the state and local government levels.

This year’s Forum will provide an auspicious platform for critical stakeholders to dissect and provide workable solutions to the multifarious issues and challenges bedeviling health service delivery in Nigeria.


  1. To examine and proffer solutions to the challenges inhibiting primary healthcare delivery in Nigeria
  2. To advocate for workable policies and strategies to ensure access to quality health care in rural communities
  3. To contribute to lowering child and maternal mortality, and to improve basic health care for all, including reproductive services.


  • A well-documented and publicized report containing presentations, discussions, major conclusions and recommendations capable of stimulating sustainable socio-economic transformation in Nigeria.
  • Implementation of new and existing policies capable of driving the growth and development of the Nigeria health sector.


  • The Annual LAPO Development Forum has over the years provided stakeholders the needed platform to interact and proffer realistic solutions to the crucial problem of poverty and under-development in Nigeria
  • Ideas generated from previous editions of the Forum have improved the programme focus and delivery methodology of development organizations including LAPO.
  • Key resolutions at Annual LAPO Development Forums have inputted into national poverty reduction programmes of various tiers of government.


26th LAPO Annual Development Forum 2019

25th LAPO Annual Development Forum 2018

24th LAPO Annual Development Forum 2017

23rd LAPO Annual Development Forum 2016

22nd LAPO Annual Development Forum 2015

Coordinators of the Conference:

James-Wisdom Abhulimen                               Rosemary Okwuobi

Tel: 08163706505, 07059493989                       Tel: 08133994016


Lift Above Poverty Organization (LAPO) is a non-governmental and not for profit development organisation that is totally committed to the social, health and economic empowerment of the poor and vulnerable in Nigeria. LAPO was founded by Dr. Godwin Eseiwi Ehigiamusoe in 1987 while working as a Rural Cooperative Officer in Ogwashi-Uku, Delta State.

Over the years, the organisation has demonstrated uncommon commitment to poverty alleviation through the implementation of innovative credit and non-credit empowerment programmes targeting disadvantaged groups. LAPO programmes include gender sensitization aimed at reducing the level of gender inequity, social exclusion and health intervention, which include prevention, care and treatment of HIV/AIDS, malaria and other tropical diseases.


The leading institution enabling prosperity, excellent health and social justice in Africa

Our Mission

To use innovative approaches to provide financial, health and social services to stakeholders in a sustainable manner.

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