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Branch State Email PHONE ADDRESS
ABUJA DIVISION Caro [email protected] 09059493195
Akwuga Nasarawa  [email protected] 09059493810 IBR Plaza, Lafia Road Akwuga, Nasarawa State.
Bida1 Niger  [email protected] 09056884598 LARDI Office, Opposite New Market, Bida, Niger State.
Bida2 Niger  [email protected] 09056884657 LARDI Office, Opposite New Market, Bida, Niger State.
Bwari Abuja  [email protected] 09059493811 KC Plaza, Bwari, Abuja
Bosso1 Niger  [email protected] 08115391206 LARDI Office, 2nd upstair after flyover close to FUT Bosso, Minna
Bosso2 Niger  [email protected] 08115391217
Gwagwalada Abuja  [email protected] 09059493853 12, Akinyemi Ilorin Close phase one Gwagwalada
Karu Nasarawa  [email protected], [email protected] 09059493756 4line plaza by Sele bus stop jikwyi
Keffi Nasarawa  [email protected] 09059493978 AGY Plaza Keffi, Nasarawa
Kontagura1 Niger  [email protected] 08115391501 LARDI Office, Tuduwa, Kontagura, Niger state
Kontagura2 Niger  [email protected] 08115391191 LARDI Office, Tuduwa, Kontagura, Niger state
Kubwa Abuja  [email protected] 09056884598 Flodav Plaza, by Channel 8 Kubwa, Abuja.
Kuje Abuja  [email protected] 09059493789 Uwa Plaza, By First Bank, Kuje, FCT
Lafia1 Nasarawa  [email protected] 09059493962 65 Lafia House, Lafia, Nasarawa
Lafia2 Nasarawa  [email protected] 09059493782 65 Lafia House Jos Road, Lafia, Nasarawa
Maraba Nasarawa  [email protected] 09059493786 One man village by gen close plaza close to shopping center..nasarawa state
Minna1 Niger  [email protected] 09059493870 21 Tunga Road, Mina
Minna2 Niger  [email protected] 09059493879 21 Tunga Road, Mina
Nasarawa Nasarawa  [email protected] 09056884660 Ibro plaza opposite DNas filling station, Agwan biri Nasarawa lga
Suleja Niger  [email protected] 09059493987 Agwan biri
Yanyan Nasarawa   [email protected] 09059493965 Nasarawa lga

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