Corporate Units

In LAPO, we work diligently to achieve excellence and adopt best practices in everything we do with a vision to promote a healthy and informed society characterized by prosperity, justice and equity.


One of the operating assumptions of Lift Above Poverty Organization (LAPO) is that poverty, beyond the lack of funds, is reinforced by problems such as too large family size, malnutrition and diseases. In Nigeria, these are responsible for the high rate of maternal and under-five mortality. Another key issue linked with poor health indicators in the country is poverty. In Nigeria, the incidence of poverty is widespread with the rural population most affected. Due to the high level of poverty, many Nigerians cannot afford quality health care. The nutritional status of the vulnerable groups, notably children and pregnant women in Nigeria is also poor. Malnutrition in children increases the likelihood of mortality from several health complications and poor growth. Stunting has been linked to low productivity later in life.

Health intervention has therefore always been one of our poverty alleviation strategies. LAPO health programmes include maternal and child health (MCH); community campaign for cancer control and; emergency response to outbreak of diseases of international concern such as Lassa fever, Ebola and Corona Viral Diseases. The health activities of the organisation focus on maternal (reproductive and antenatal) care, child nutrition and disease outbreaks. The child nutrition programme addresses stunting in children due to malnutrition that has been linked by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to low productivity and poor income in adulthood.

LAPO health programmes also address increasing cases of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) such as cancer among the general populace. Through the LAPO Community Campaign for Cancer Control (LAPO-C4) project, the organisation is promoting awareness on cancer in target communities, providing basic cancer screening services and linking beneficiaries to cancer screening and treatment facilities for a continuum of care. Other interventions include alacrity response to public health emergencies such as Lassa fever, Ebola and Corona Viral diseases through mass media awareness campaign, handbills and mobile phone text messages and community health outreaches. The organisation equally promotes access to health-promoting commodities using sustainable social marketing approach.

Key Health Projects: 

  • LAPO Community Campaign for Cancer Control (LAPO-C4)
  • Maternal and Child Health (MCH)
  • Response to Public Health Emergencies

LAPO Rural Development Initiative (LARDI)

LAPO improves the quality of life of rural dwellers through committed support for livelihood activities intended to energize the rural economy and provision of infrastructural development. The organization empowers rural farmers through capacity building, provision of extension services, affordable credit and savings products to enable them develop and expand their farm enterprises.  LARDI has consistently recorded impressive performance resulting in enhanced livelihood and increased food production in the country.

Corporate Planning & Performance Management

Performance management plays an important role in enhancing an organization’s value. The Corporate Planning and Performance Management (CPPM) department of LAPO manages systems and employee performance, aligning their objectives to facilitate the effective delivery of strategic and operational goals, providing timely feedback and coaching for continuous achievement.

CPPM ensures that the organization sets proper plans and objectives that easily assist the company to measure its success. It works to ensure that organization’s goals are met in an effective and efficient manner. In addition, it focuses on the performance of the organization, departments, individual employees, and the processes put in place to implement defined tasks.

CPPM also works to ensure data-driven decision making at all levels of the organisation through effective collection, and management of high-quality data.

Advocacy and Communications

The Advocacy and Communications unit actively promotes, protects and enhance the reputation of LAPO through strategic communication. It fosters innovation and synergy between programmes through the effective exchange of ideas and information both internally and externally and maintains consistency and uniformity around all external communications. The unit is continuously developing channels and activities to promote better understanding of LAPO and raise the organization’s global profile. Key responsibilities of the unit include developing and implementing LAPO’s communication strategy, PR events, media engagement, web content and social media management, archiving audio visual records and facilitating internal communication.

Corporate Services

LAPO has adopted a strategic and qualitative approach in the management of its workforce with key focus on procedural justice, transparency, equality, respect for diversity, and recognition of potentials. The organisation has a well-developed human resource policies and guidelines that ensure uninterrupted services and spontaneous participation of employees, which in turn facilitates the achievement of organizational goals and fulfillment of individual employee needs.


Our finance and accounts unit performs a crucial role within the organization. The unit is responsible for preparing budget for development programmes, manage costs, finance investments as well as analyze cashflow. It ensures effective management and transparency of financial data and timely reporting of development projects, investments, donor grants, properties, employee gratuity, salary and tax loans etc. This has earned us trust and confidence. Our annual financial statements are prepared in accordance with international reporting standards.

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