For more than two decades, LAPO has been in the forefront of bringing gender issues to wider attention, recognizing and promoting women’s contributions to the development of the society. We work in collaboration with government, state institutions, like-minded organizations, appointed and elected political leaders to achieve our vision of a healthy and informed society characterized by prosperity, justice and equity for everyone and women in particular.
The International Women’s Day (IWD), marked yearly on March 8, is one of the activities undertaken by LAPO to stimulate public discussions on issues affecting the development and progress of women, as well as celebrate their economic, political and social achievementsin life.
In LAPO, IWD has become a veritable platformto promote women’s rights and celebrate achievements made in promoting gender equality and equity in the society. Key resolutions at the yearly event are widely circulated to relevant authorities and bodies as well as contribute to LAPO programme development. Participants are usually drawn from different segments of the society including scholars, policy makers, politicians, traditional rulers, bureaucrats, the media, market women and the civil society.

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