Integration of Social Education with Microfinance Services

LAPO strongly believes that poverty is beyond the lack of funds. Poverty amongst women in Africa is reinforced mainly by discrimination, ignorance, deprivation and exclusion of women from life transforming opportunities like education and skills. Obnoxious customs and traditional practices which manifests in son preference, widowhood rites, female trafficking and prostitution, low self-esteem, abuse and violation of women’s rights.

The integration programme is an innovative way of reaching the clients of LAPO Microfinance Bank with social empowerment information and services during their branch council and union meetings.The beneficiaries are enlightened and exposed to the consequences of widowhood rites, male preference, teenage pregnancy, early marriage, domestic violence, female trafficking, prostitution, rape, divorce/separation, low self-esteem and deprivation of women’s rights, amongst others. Quite a number of the women are now ready to resist and confront obnoxious socio-cultural and traditional practices militating against their progress.

Gender Awarenessnewsletter and other culturally-sensitive Information, Education and Communication (IEC) materials are displayed in branch offices, branch council and union meeting venues to further educate and enlighten clients on prevailing social issues.

Topics treated include:

·         Son Preference
·         Education for all Women
·         Widowhood rites
·         Inheritance Issues
·         Teenage Pregnancy
·         Domestic Violence
·         Divorce / Separation
·         Self Esteem
·         Decision Making
·         Leadership and Governance
·         Women’s Rights
·         Rape

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