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LAPO Outstanding Women Leadership Award, 2019: Nominations Now Open

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Lift Above Poverty Organisation (LAPO) has flagged off nominations from Nigerian women for year 2019 LAPO Outstanding Women Leadership Award scheduled to hold on Friday, March 8th, 2019 in Benin City, Edo state.

LAPO is a non-governmental organisation committed to the social, health and economic empowerment of the poor and vulnerable in Nigeria.

The LAPO Outstanding Women Leadership Award was instituted in 2013 to honour and celebrate Nigerian women who have distinguished themselves in Business, Professional and Public Life with a sustainable social impact. The Award carries a cash prize and a plaque.

In a statement, the Coordinator, Mrs. Philomena Elijah said the organization has over the years promoted women empowerment and the recognition of their outstanding contributions to societal development, adding that “by acknowledging and rewarding people’s excellent contributions, we are inspiring and promoting hard work, creativity and exceptional service in the society.”

She said the nominees must be Nigerian women who are above 30 years of age with 10 years minimum working experience. Contestants under the Business category must own businesses located in Nigeria.

The LAPO Outstanding Women Leadership Award is in three different categories viz: Business, Professional and Public Life.


LAPO has overtime worked for the recognition of women’s contributions to societal development.The LAPO Outstanding Women Leadership Award further demonstrates the organization’s commitment to women empowerment. It recognizes and honours women who have distinguished themselves in their various endeavours: Business, Professional and Public Life.

LAPO believes that recognitions for exceptional service and contributions to the development of society should be a vital part of any dynamic, vibrant and growing society. By recognizing people for their contributions and exceptional service, we send a strong message to everyone that hard work, creativity and exceptional service are not ignored or taken for granted. We have chosen this way to inform the award winners that what they do is important and is making a difference. By recognizing them, LAPO wants to tell the world who the awardees are and what they are doing to enhance the quality of human life in our global community. The award recognizes the various recipients for their distinguished contributions, showcases what LAPO stands for and its future plan for women.

For more than two decades, LAPO has been in the forefront of bringing gender issues to wider attention, recognizing and promoting women’s contributions to the development of the society. We work in collaboration with government, state institutions, like-minded organizations, appointed and elected political leaders to achieve our vision of a healthy and informed society characterized by prosperity, justice and equity for everyone and women in particular.

Award History

Nigeria women have taken on different roles before and after independence and excelled in many fields. The achievements of such women are made all the more precious by the fact that in most cases, success has been achieved in the face of adversity and difficulties and with the strength of courage, initiative and determination.

It is important that such success stories be publicly recognized so that such women become role models and mentors for future generations of Nigerian women. Such recognitions will also go a long way in moulding societal mindsets to accept and encourage the significant contributions of women in Nigeria. The award will reinforce the positive image of women in Nigeria and help in reducing the influence of negative attitudes and practices that discriminates against and exclude women.


To honour and celebrate women who have excelled in their respective fields of business, profession and public sectors..

Objectives of the Award

LAPO aims to achieve a set of values that enhance the progress of Nigerian women in different areas, including:

· Recognize and honour the outstanding contributions of women in business, professional and public sectors in Nigeria.

· Recognize the effective role of women and their contributions to Nigerian society and its future growth.

· Honour women who excel in their work, performed to highest standards in business, professional and public sectors.

· Inspire and encourage future generations of women to achieve their true potentials, thereby enhancing their status in the society.

· Provide mentors to discover the hidden potentials in Nigerian women.

Nomination Procedure

· Applicants must enclose a passport size photograph

· Must provide names and contact details of two referees.

· People are encouraged to nominate potential awardees.

· Nominees should be alive on the date of nomination

· Applications can be downloaded and submitted online via:, [email protected] Hard copies can also be submitted at any LAPO office nearest to you.

Award Criteria

· Applicants must be Nigerian women above 30 years of age.

· Must have been working in the relevant field for at least ten years

· The achievements of the nominee should be verifiable and subject to objective appraisal

· Preference shall be accorded women who have come up in life after a great deal of struggle and adversity.

Award Benefits

· The award attracts the sum of Two Hundred Thousand Naira (N200,000) only

· The award is valid for a lifetime

· All expenses incurred by the awardees shall be borne by LAPO.

· A prestigious LAPO plaque shall be presented to the winners

· The awardees can use the LAPO logo freely for three years

· Opportunity to join the LAPO mentoring programme

For more information, please contact,

Philomena Irowa Elijah

Secretary, Organizing Committee


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