Micro Business Management Training

The success of micro entrepreneurs in business is a top priority for LAPO since they are major contributors to the nation’s economic growth and development. In addition to a broad range of affordable financial services, the organization has a well structured business management training programme aimed at equipping micro entrepreneurs with the requisite skills and competencies to manage their businesses profitably.

Training Objectives

  • Enhance participants’ understanding and awareness of basic business concepts and market conditions that affect their ability to improve their production and maximize profits.
  • Understand how the value chain (relationship between suppliers, producers, wholesalers, retailers and consumers) affects their production activities.
  • Help participants adopt practical methods/techniques for planning their business, savings and profit maximization as well as debt management.
  • Improve their skills in the areas of financial management (cash flow), record keeping and market analysis.
  • Formulate individual action plans to implement what they have learnt at the training.
  • Network with relevant bodies.

Training contents include:

  • Business planning
  • Marketing
  • Business management
  • Basic financial management
  • Budgeting
  • Strategies for networking
  • Fund raising and resource mobilization

Training Methodology
The training programme incorporates learning-based methodologies such as:

  • Guided discussions on specific topics
    In this instance, facilitators guide participants to discuss specific topics by providing opportunity for them to share their business experience and insights.
  • Small group discussions
    This affords participants the avenue to discuss and/or analyze specific case studies.
  • Practical sessions
    The training provides an avenue for participants to boost their production and business skills through stories and dealing with practical problem cases in the class.
  1. Action plan
    At the end of the training session, participants are encouraged to develop a personal action plan based on the training received.

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