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Social Change Advocacy

The Social Change Advocacy programme of LAPO seeks to influence policymakers, resource holders, access providers and individuals to implement policies capable of bringing about positive changes in the lives of the poor and the marginalized. At local and regional levels, LAPO has created platforms and fora where policymakers, members of the civil society, youths and community leaders meet to dissect and address burning social issues including health, participation, governance, education and economic development. Her involvement in the drafting of a gender bill in partnership with policymakers prompted the enactment of laws prohibiting widowhood practices, prostitution and women trafficking, and female genital mutilation in Edo State. An increasing number of LAPO beneficiaries are now participating more in politics with some vying for elective offices as a result of our advocacy programme.


  • To influence public policies, laws & regulations in favour of women and the marginalized
  • To create high-level awareness on rights, privileges & obligations of citizens
  • To increase the number of women with the boldness to challenge discrimination and injustices against them in society
  • To enhance women’s ability to seek redress on violations concerning heritage, domestic violence, and widowhood rites on the basis of existing legislation
  • To increase the number of women refusing to be involved in harsh widowhood rites, both as perpetrators and as victims
  • To stem societal discrimination against women


Annual Development Forum

The LAPO Annual Development Forum is a vital component of the organization’s strategy for stimulating investigation into the nature and causes of poverty. The forum provides an opportunity for individuals, development partners, scholars, professional institutions, LAPO clients, religious and traditional bodies and other stakeholders in development and poverty alleviation to design a realistic roadmap to fast track societal development. Papers on selected topics are usually presented and discussed and ideas exchanged. Ideas generated from previous editions of the Forum have strengthened LAPO programme focus and delivery strategies.

The LAPO Annual Development Forum is held annually as an activity to mark the October 17 International Day for the elimination of poverty and destitution. Over the years, the forum has gained a reputation as a neutral platform for the debate and analysis of development policy-related issues. It brings together local, national and international development experts, public office holders, political authorities, scholars, professional institutions, religious and traditional leaders, women and youth organizations, and minority groups to discuss development issues affecting the African continent and Nigeria in particular. Highlights and reports are published and widely circulated.

Bridging-The-Gap (BTG) TV Programme

LAPO draws public attention to cross-cutting issues in development such as poverty, gender mainstreaming, participation, transparency and governance. In 2015, 52 editions of the programme were aired on Independent Television (ITV), Edo State and the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA), Ekiti State, reaching about 10 million viewers in Edo, Ekiti, Osun, Ondo and Oyo states. Interviews, vox pops and Faces of LAPO are regular features on the 30-minute weekly programme. BTG is now online on

You & LAPO Radio Programme

The You and LAPO Radio Programme is aired live in Pidgin English on Radio Nigeria (Bronze 101.5 FM). It is a popular station with a wide reach in the country. The programme features topical issues in financial inclusion and economic empowerment, domestic violence, rape, maternal and child health, girl-child education, teenage pregnancy, drug abuse, youth and skill acquisition and infertility. Discussions, interviews and client testimonies are regular features of the programme.

Communication for Development

LAPO enlightens community members and clients of LAPO Microfinance Bank on social and health issues with culturally-sensitive Information, enlightenment and communication (IEC) materials.

Our Health Awareness and Gender Empowerment pictorial newsletters, which address issues in HIV/AIDS, gender, widowhood rites, inheritance, maternal and infant health, micro-business management and financial literacy are particularly beneficial to our clients who are mostly illiterates.

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