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The Annual LAPO Development Forum was initiated in 1994 as a response to the growing need for a platform to address the challenges of poverty, inequality, and sustainable development in Nigeria. The forum brings together experts, policymakers, and stakeholders to share knowledge, ideas, and solutions to promote inclusive and sustainable development.

The 31st edition of the Annual LAPO Development Forum, 2024, aims to delve into the paradox of poverty amidst wealth in Nigeria. The average Nigerian is a poor man. Nigeria is a nation of riches and poverty, wealth in the hands of few and extreme/abject poverty at the doorsteps of many. The divergence between Nigeria’s economic indicators, macroeconomic variables and the reality is a source of concern. The reality is that people die because they cannot afford three square meals a day as well as access basic public healthcare. As strange as this may sound, this goes on side-by-side with ostentatious display of wealth by the privileged few. This forum seeks to explore the underlying issues and various perspectives surrounding this complex phenomenon.

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