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James-Wisdom Abhulimen D.Sc

Phone: 08163706505

Email: [email protected] 

Forum Concept Note
Past Editions

Theme: Paradox of Poverty in a ‘Wealthy Nation’, Policy Issues & Perspectives
Venue: Abuja, Nigeria (with virtual participation options)
Date: October, 2024
Guest Speaker: Andrew Mamedu, Country Director, ActionAid Nigeria
Tagline: Empowering Communities, Shaping the Future

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About LAPO Annual Development Forum

  • Provide a platform for dialogue and knowledge sharing on development issues
  • Identify and promote innovative solutions to poverty and inequality
  • Influence policy and practice in support of sustainable development
  • Empower marginalized communities and promote social justice
Key Outcomes:

The forum generates a well-documented and publicized report containing presentations, discussions, major conclusions, and recommendations capable of stimulating sustainable the socio-economic transformation in Nigeria. The implementation of new and existing policies drives the growth and development of the Nigerian healthcare sector.

Key Achievements:
  • Over 25 years of consistent advocacy and knowledge sharing
  • Contributed to policy reforms and programme initiatives in poverty reduction, health, education, and economic empowerment
  • Provided a platform for marginalized communities to voice their concerns and demand action
  • Facilitated partnerships and collaborations among stakeholders for sustainable development.
  • Ideas generated from previous editions of the Forum have improved the programme focus and delivery methodology of development organizations including LAPO.
Impact as an Advocacy Tool:
  • Influenced policy decisions and programme initiatives at national and state levels
  • Amplified the voices of marginalized communities and promoted social justice
  • Contributed to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Nigeria
  • Provided a platform for knowledge sharing and innovation in development practice

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